Monday, October 15, 2012

Loving SRK will always be in VOGUE!!

I have been a Shah Rukh Khan fan since I was 5 and its been a long journey of about 14 years of idolizing him. 'Fan' would probably not be the right word, I have learnt so much from him over the years that he is more of an inspiration and idol for me. And I know there are so so many others like me across the globe whose life has been influenced by Shah Rukh Khan.
However, what forces me today to write this down (as much as I don’t want to..there is so much good to write about him, what all we have learnt from him but can't help!) is the constant criticism that Shah Rukh has faced over the last few years.

Following was my Facebook status after KKR won IPL5 -

1990-SRK comes to Mumbai..he is dark, short not good hero banega??
SRK wins the WORLD with his FILMS in the next 10years!!

2000-DREAMZ UNLIMITED fails to give hits..SRK is finished..he is OLD..he should STOP acting and producing films!!

In the NEXT decade he builds RED CHILLIES ENTERTAINMENT – one of the biggest production house in the country today!!

All The Time – SRK does romantic roles..he is NOT an ACTOR..!!
                          Chak De India, Swades and MNIK in your face!!

2008- SRK buys a IPL cricket TEAM!!

IPL 1- SRK was lucky with films..that’s why made it BIG!!
           Cricket mein uska luck nai hai!!
IPL2- SRK is the fake IPL blogger..he is responsible for the team’s failure..he should sell his team!!
IPL3- SRK should realise his luck is OVER and should sit at home!!
IPL4- Even a new KKR team can’t win, SRK sell the team ASAP!!

Not only the win but we bring the finals to EDEN GARDENS NEXT year!!

Dear Shah Rukh Khan,
I thank you (on behalf of all fans worldwide) for teaching me to fight and work hard till I WIN it in LIFE!!
I am Proud to be born in the “SRK” era

Thank You Shah We Love You ;

I have seen how SRK has been bashed for every single reason over the last few years and through the books written on him, understood that this has been an ongoing process since he became the superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Its nothing but funny to see how people who apparently don't like him are so obsessed with every single step he takes. And like one of his fans said – Am sure no one has one logical reason to be able to hate SRK! I have always believed liking is a very personal thing. You might not like an actor and his films but I fail to understand how can someone not appreciate the hard work that Shah Rukh Khan has put in over the years. 

As fans it did disturb us to see so much personal bashing for Ra.One last year. I am not here to defend a film, you are justified in saying the film is bad and you did not like it one bit, but don't understand the consistent personal bashing. It's been a year the film has released and I still had someone come up to me the other day and say - ''you know what my friend perfectly bashed Ra.One as a film, I asked my friend tune Ra.One 2D mein dekhi ya 3D mein and she replied - maine Ra.One dekhi hi nai" and am all like vow! How intelligent, that's an art to have not watched a film and so strongly bash it a year after its release. I have always had a big problem with the way people in our country finds solace, peace and happiness in other’s failure. I fail to understand why are we so happy when someone fails? We bring down a Mahendra Singh Dhoni if we lose a series completely forgetting the world cup and so many other victories that he led Team India to! Similarly, people were so happy with Ra.One not turning out the way SRK would have wanted it to, no one cared to appreciate the amazing VFX technology that SRK got in India which will in future benefit Hindi films? Cut to 2012 October, when you have a trailer and song break records worldwide on YouTube (Challa was the among the most popular videos in the world on YouTube the week it was released), people come up with ‘oh Rabbi’s voice doesn’t suit SRK’, well never saw anyone having any problem with Akon singing for SRK. From which angle does the ‘smack that’ sensation’s voice suit SRK? Oh but then there were other reasons to criticize him as to how he doesn’t look like a superhero, what a mockery he has made of himself, he should stick to romantic roles etc etc. And did I forget the KKR victory this IPL? The reaction - Whats there to celebrate so much, its just a IPL victory..Whats wrong with SRK? These were the same people who criticized SRK for 5 long years advising him to sell his team. Can anyone one of those who have such a huge problem with the celebrations do this - Buy a team worth 400crore, stand beside it for 5 years facing constant bashing and make the team win! See how it feels, then probably you will understand what hard work means!

SRK has time and again gone out and tried to do something different. Over the last few years, he is the only top star who has tried films of different genres - Ra.One, Don2, Mnik, Rab Ne drastically different from each other. They might have been excellent, good, bad, ugly but he tried something different! You bash him when he does romantic films and you bash him when he does different cinema too! The excuse being, there is some other star whose film is doing more business than his? So what are we talking about here..if it is statistics then, they clearly show the career graph of SRK from Deewana to Don2, the most consistent actor. So much so that from Amitabh Bachchan to Anil Kapoor  to Ajay Devgn to Salman to Aamir to Hrithik to Abhishek to Ranbir everyone is compared to SRK? Don’t really see that happening to any other star. How every time a new actor debuts or some established star’s film does great business, apparently Shah Rukh Khan is finished? How many times till date has he been finished? It’s been years and the man has been setting new examples every day. Be it trying out the rejected roles like Baazigar, Darr or shifting to Raj/Rahul from the negative shades or trying out a Swades or Chak De..he has done it all!! SRK after the release of Ra.One had said in an interview that may be people are envious of me doing something that they can’t! And rightly so! He further said I can stand in the middle of the road and make people smile. I can dance and make them happy. When I step out of my house since the last 15years there have always been people standing outside to wish me, bless me and at times even thank me.

So to all these so called analysts who sit in TV studios and analyse SRK’s life or those nameless people without work who sit and write on internet about how SRK is finished is - Guys, the position where SRK is today you can never be and thereby you are not eligible to talk about SRK's future :)

Earlier it use to irk me, sadden me to see people so easily commenting on a person who for me and so many others is beyond a favorite actor. But now I have come to a conclusion and that is - people who hate or criticize SRK do so, simply because they see their failure in his grand success. As someone described it clearly - Everyone is a closet SRK fan ;) Either you are really frustrated with your own life or you are plain jealous! A regular middle class Delhi boy who lost his parents when he was so young came to Bombay with money, no place to live in, absolutely no backing can reach a place where - his film DDLJ is the longest running film ever in the world, people alien to Hindi language or films wait in freezing cold to catch a glimpse of him in Berlin, 2K people gather every year outside Mannat to wish him on his birthday, TIME magazine says he is more popular than Tom Cruise, his film MNIK is appreciated in countries that had no market for Hindi films, the first INDIAN to be awarded by UNESCO(Pyramide con Marni), Newsweek votes him among 50most influential people across the globe and according to Entrepreneur India, the man is estimated to be worth over Rs.2000crore. Can any of the so called high intellectual minds who sit to talk about SRK’s life make their presence felt in the above mentioned points? 

All great icons in our country do not face this amount of criticism and the reason is you somehow find them beyond reach already born with a silver spoon. On the other hand, Shah Rukh Khan is someone who probably started from a position much worse than where you are today and still made it to where you never can! You know you can never reach the heights where Shah Rukh Khan has been for decades and so you find the most illogical reasons ever to vent out your frustration by bashing him!

This is what SRK replied to a fellow friend on twitter -

 how to tackle with ppl who speak against you ?
 i read some of their comments...they reek of such lack of love for their own lives....extreme losers i think.

And this let me to pen these thoughts down.

It's a request to fans worldwide (since Jab Tak Hai Jaan is nearing its release and you may have to face some above mentioned illogical haters :D ) - I very strongly believe that the amount of love that SRK has from his fans across the globe is an ocean of immense love and respect. So, lets ignore these small drops of negativity here and there in the vast ocean of love. Let our love for SRK flow so much that even an iota of negativity or criticism doesn't get addressed. Love like he has taught us to over the years, live like he has shown us to, respect everyone just the way he respects our love and yes don't talk money cuz SRK very proudly said - ''My fans talk about money?? NEVER..My fans come from the heart''

So let our LOVE WIN everything..let us repay him everything that he has given us by loving him forever and ever :)

Oh yes, at the end to the haters I wana say - "yes bashing SRK might be cool for you"
I am sorry..loving him will always be in VOGUE!!