Sunday, June 20, 2010


Father, dad, papa or pa use anything but the one word which every child would describe their father as is “FAVORITE”. Every child proudly says “My dad is the best in the world”. On the occasion of father’s day this article is just a small way of honoring my dad and all other wonderful father’s in this world.

A father is one who has his child’s photo in his wallet where earlier he used to have his credit card. Its difficult for me to describe my dad in word’s because there is so much to write on him. My dad for me is the world. He cared for me when I was born, when I was in school and will do so when I get into college and even after that. He never looked at my report card for he knows that his daughter is the best. He will not listen to anyone (including mom) because he believes that “Angana is the finest”. He always gave me the courage to fight circumstances and always taught me to try and spread smiles in my surroundings. He is the one who repeatedly told me to work hard for being successful. From childhood to passing out from school, times changed; probably even I changed with time but papa remained the same, the same dad who used to take me to Nehru Park when I was 2 and the one who used to take out time to play badminton with me just before going to office. Today only my likings have changed. Now he says “wow” when I show him the latest article that I have written and he is the one who will try and come back from office soon so that he can take me to G.K.-1 to buy me a roll or to Teksons to buy me the latest book. He is the one who will cancel all his meetings and book advance tickets for Shahrukh Khan's new release for he wants to see a smile on my face. He is the one who flew down from Delhi to Guwahati for I wanted to watch “Om Shanti Om” with him and the one who completed my desire of visiting Mannat. He always wants to gift me the best in life. So when I ask him for a Nokia he retorts by saying “y? Take an apple iphone na!!” for when i say papa COMPAQ is fine and he says "no no take DEL or APPLE, that's better"

Ruth E. Renkel once said “Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance”. Very true every child’s feeling towards his/her dad are based on the amount of love that father’s shower on us. Father’s are ones who just know how to put together everything. The most important thing in one’s childhood is father’s protection.

We love our dad unconditionally not because he gifts us the best but because he is there whenever we are in need of him…..


LOVE YOU.............

Saturday, June 12, 2010

HOW BAD IS 80%??

While walking down the Delhi University campus for admission the thought of what my future holds for me continues to strike my mind. Is my life limited 2 just the 85% that I scored? May 21st morning I woke up to be shocked by marks which were way below my expectations. That was the saddest Friday of my life (as I have always considered Fridays lucky for me) but next morning was even worse when I read the TOI and HT first page which screamed loud that DU cut-offs likely to rise this year(it was Saturday…that anyway is unlucky for me). And I was like some colleges closed at 97% last year…how much will they increase this year???

Two years of hard work and students who have scored 90% will get into a good college but what about those who just fell short of it by few per cent? How bad is 80%? Bad because people console you by saying “80% is good enough for class XII” and irritating because you will go mad rushing from college to college checking your name in the cut off lists. You feel awful that “I can’t get through country’s best college just because I feel short by few %” Is it a crime you have committed by scoring 80%? Why is it that we study only for marks? The person who has got 80 is unhappy because he didn’t get a 85, one with 85 is upset of not entering the elite 90 club and the most shocking at times you wonder (what is he or she saying) “I got a 97…how is it possible…maine toh pura paper kiya tha…I expected a 100 yaar”.

Our dreams are only made of marks. Sometimes I wonder what all or what not we have studied in our school life? After all we have studied about Akbar, European colonialism and magnetism and periodic table all together till class 10. And when you reach class 11 where you are reminded in class “beta aapne science li hain, baaki sab chod do toh behtar hoga” (baaki sab includes everything other than studying). Your parents remind you that you are supposed to crack IIT and do your family proud. And students in arts and commerce are reminded about the cut-offs that the DU colleges closed their admissions in last session. And you in your classes take your pen completely apart and put it back together when bored.

Why is it that if you fall short of 5 marks of scoring 100 you are rejected by the country’s best college? By any chance if you had not known a 5 mark question in your board paper, does that make you less intelligent than one’s who knew it? Lack of seats in universities, reservations and peer pressure all are responsible for student life going waste. No wonder this peer pressure leads to students committing suicides and the increase in number of counselors in India. How can somebody be judged on what he or she will do in life with his class 12 marks? Jitesh Pillaai(editor of filmfare) had tweeted “news papers and channels should go and interview these 90 per centers after 12 years and see where they are”?

I really wish students had enjoyed studying for themselves and not for their parents, relatives and neighbors. Wish that every career and stream is granted equal respect. Wish people start realizing there’s life beyond being a doctor and engineer. It is high time that people realize education is way beyond marks on your report card. We need “An education which makes a child sad when the last bell is rung at the end of the day in the school”...........