Monday, August 23, 2010

HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN!! to all sisters and brothers :)

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


In the last month Common Wealth Games have been the obvious headlines in India—the biggest sporting event after Asian games in ‘82 that Delhi is gonna host but sadly the headlines are only about how we are gonna fail big time in hosting the games!! The question is “WHAT ARE WE UP TO??”

Why is it in India that whatever opportunity we get we fail to utilise to its fullest. Every channel has come up with their exclusive footage, some exclusive info about how its a big money gamble, how the aam aadmi and his money has all gone in vain and how games are nothing but a big gamble and ghotala. With every political party trying to make their own statements. Opinions and counter opinions, its all a mess. Few days to go and Delhi still looks the same if not worse. Few hours of rain and the next day the front page has headline “ ROADS TURN INTO RIVERS IN CAPITAL CITY”...

Instead i and am sure every Indian would have liked to watch the rehearsals for the inauguration ceremony, news channels showing us the outstanding stadias which have been built by our money which we paid as tax. I had heard the Chief Minister saying on TV earlier this year when prices rose, that Delhi people are well off we can pay a little extra because at the end of the day these stadias will be our property in the future...well ma’am “the general public has paid, can we have the stadias if not for future use just for the games completely ready!!”

An apex committee was set up in 2005 "to oversee and co-ordinate" the event. This committee exists only on paper and has not held a single meeting. we surely can't expect work to be complete if this is the approach. There are few politicians who have also said that this money could have been used for the poor and underprivileged in our country. They are right but the bid for CWG was made way when a month is left for the event...we cannot sit to argue as to if the games should take place or not!!

By missing deadlines, fear of stadias not being ready in time, overshooting expenses, allegations, counter allegations and ever "chalta hain" and "jugaad" attitude we are once again nowhere. We now have CWG brand ambassadors cluelessly asking "what are we meant to do??". On top of this the tendencies of Indian organisers to blame international companies for the current woes is causing the tight-knit sports world to laugh at the Indian attempts to avert away from the mess. Such is the condition that the government has now decided to look into the matter and the PM is supposed to now visit the games site personally. Isn’t it too late with just few days left? Well, nothing is ever late in India.

Its so sad to see the word corruption in everything and anything in our country! Two of the biggest sporting events in our country this year is surrounded by curroption chareges earlier this year IPL 3 and CWG now. With top names like Usain Bolt backing out and few others not turning up, we are sure in a fix. Instead of practicing for the games, its so depressing to see Saina Nehwal and Leander Paes commenting that hopefully stadiums will be ready as the date draws near.

Well the other day a professor in my college was saying we can do one thing for sure and that is pray, hope and wish that the games happen and with no difficulty. We are in anyway not expecting a FIFA repeat we just want the games to happen. Few more days and we will see as to how much of what Mrs.Sheila Dixit and Mr.Suresh Kalmadi have been reiterating that the “its all media speculations and that the games will be a success” comes true....i wish that happens and so does India............