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The Ayodhya debate has been long ranging in India since decades. This incident has to be one of the most debated and bitterest political issue of India’s past. But today there is a serious need to move on and move on for the better.

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HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN!! to all sisters and brothers :)

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In the last month Common Wealth Games have been the obvious headlines in India—the biggest sporting event after Asian games in ‘82 that Delhi is gonna host but sadly the headlines are only about how we are gonna fail big time in hosting the games!! The question is “WHAT ARE WE UP TO??”

Why is it in India that whatever opportunity we get we fail to utilise to its fullest. Every channel has come up with their exclusive footage, some exclusive info about how its a big money gamble, how the aam aadmi and his money has all gone in vain and how games are nothing but a big gamble and ghotala. With every political party trying to make their own statements. Opinions and counter opinions, its all a mess. Few days to go and Delhi still looks the same if not worse. Few hours of rain and the next day the front page has headline “ ROADS TURN INTO RIVERS IN CAPITAL CITY”...

Instead i and am sure every Indian would have liked to watch the rehearsals for the inauguration ceremony, news channels showing us the outstanding stadias which have been built by our money which we paid as tax. I had heard the Chief Minister saying on TV earlier this year when prices rose, that Delhi people are well off we can pay a little extra because at the end of the day these stadias will be our property in the future...well ma’am “the general public has paid, can we have the stadias if not for future use just for the games completely ready!!”

An apex committee was set up in 2005 "to oversee and co-ordinate" the event. This committee exists only on paper and has not held a single meeting. we surely can't expect work to be complete if this is the approach. There are few politicians who have also said that this money could have been used for the poor and underprivileged in our country. They are right but the bid for CWG was made way when a month is left for the event...we cannot sit to argue as to if the games should take place or not!!

By missing deadlines, fear of stadias not being ready in time, overshooting expenses, allegations, counter allegations and ever "chalta hain" and "jugaad" attitude we are once again nowhere. We now have CWG brand ambassadors cluelessly asking "what are we meant to do??". On top of this the tendencies of Indian organisers to blame international companies for the current woes is causing the tight-knit sports world to laugh at the Indian attempts to avert away from the mess. Such is the condition that the government has now decided to look into the matter and the PM is supposed to now visit the games site personally. Isn’t it too late with just few days left? Well, nothing is ever late in India.

Its so sad to see the word corruption in everything and anything in our country! Two of the biggest sporting events in our country this year is surrounded by curroption chareges earlier this year IPL 3 and CWG now. With top names like Usain Bolt backing out and few others not turning up, we are sure in a fix. Instead of practicing for the games, its so depressing to see Saina Nehwal and Leander Paes commenting that hopefully stadiums will be ready as the date draws near.

Well the other day a professor in my college was saying we can do one thing for sure and that is pray, hope and wish that the games happen and with no difficulty. We are in anyway not expecting a FIFA repeat we just want the games to happen. Few more days and we will see as to how much of what Mrs.Sheila Dixit and Mr.Suresh Kalmadi have been reiterating that the “its all media speculations and that the games will be a success” comes true....i wish that happens and so does India............

Monday, July 19, 2010


This one’s for all those who join college this year…….

This week’s gonna be special, it’s gonna be different as I enter a new life. I also enter into my seventeenth year this Friday and along with my laptop, mobile and wardrobe changing I move from being that girl in school uniform to a girl who has to find that right dress which I wanna wear in the college next day.
Last two months have been a roll-a- coaster ride for all those who had given board exams this year. Ever since the board results were announced we all who just passed out were facing different situations. Some where elated, some shocked, some crying, some just happy –“thank god physics mein pass ho gaya!!” Then the time came to fill the forms standing in that scorching heat and we struggled getting up early and visiting various colleges. Then the bigger blow the cut offs and the entrance results. Choosing the right college and course seemed to be the most difficult task on earth. Some didn’t understand what to choose, some missed deadlines, some made mistakes in forms and our options got even more restricted. Am sure the last two months people who have never read newspapers in life have also turned pages of TOI and HT for the college campus news. Some aspirants who were expected to be here went from Delhi to other places, some who wanted to do economics ended up picking English, some who wanted English are now going forward with political science.
As all college procedures have finished we now we look towards starting our new life, making new friends interacting with professors and hoping to find cooperative seniors. As the shopping comes to a near close and we have a new wardrobe we wonder how different is college from school?? How will we travel alone so far?? How will we wake up at 6 in the morning every day after these 4 months of sleeping at 3 and getting up in the afternoon?? Will we like the course that we have taken up?? Will we enjoy studying it?? These are questions which every 1st year student has in his/her mind right now…..

We all are taking a step forward in our life and walking into a new world awaiting a whole new experience which hopefully will be memorable and everlasting for all of us………..

Saturday, July 10, 2010


It is disappointing to write that FIFA 2010 World cup is reaching its end since past one month has been a roller-coaster ride for all sports enthusiasts. After all it was the biggest sporting extravaganza going on in South Africa-------FIFA. On Sunday evening the world’s most watched and spectacular sports event comes to a close. However as said in Matrix by Oracle "Anything which has a beginning, has an End".

You can love it, hate it but can’t ignore it. I was someone who never followed soccer seriously. But this time I felt “better I start following FIFA or else I am gonna be completely bored for month or so, as FIFA is everywhere news, papers, magazines, billboards, facebook, twitter everywhere”. You just can’t get enough of it. Young, children, old, girls, everyone are glued to their television sets. Its one sport which unites the world like nothing else, like no other sport. This happens once in four years.

Every household brims with talk of the game, with fans screaming for each goal and breaking bottles when their favorite team crashed out. Football evokes such passionate emotions that a teen died because Brazil crashed out. The FIFA World Cup 2010 saw everything from scenes of jubilations amidst moments of absolute anguish. There were individuals, teams, brilliant talent and luminous misses. This time too FIFA had it surprises with the top players Messi, Ronaldo and Kaka underperforming, Argentina and Brazil crashing out in quarters and Spain reaching the finals for the first time ever. And we have got new heroes in the likes of Kloser, Reis Carvalho, Nelson Valdez of the stocky Paraguay, Thomas Muller of germany with five goals in the tournament. These players defied logic and made their country proud with their outstanding performances. And FIFA also presented us with a new star. The psychic octopus emerged as the biggest star of the event by predicting all match winners correctly!!

Amidst all this hype being an Indian in the past month I couldn’t escape a thought. “I fail to understand why India still hasn’t been able to make a mark of its own in world football witnessing the craze regarding FIFA in India”. All our Indian newspapers did have FIFA headlines in the past month. The craze regarding soccer in India is quite visible. But what’s the reason?? God knows!!

As Spain and Netherlands fight it out to be crowned the new world champion’s fans are sad that it’s all over. No more late nights, no more twitter overcapacity, no more the octopus in news, no more Maradano and Pele comments in papers, no more coming early from offices, no more Messi…..

As fans eagerly await FIFA 2014 world cup, action shifts to Brazil. As for Indians we can just hope that in our lifetime we will see India qualify for FIFA at least once. As the rich and powerful reach south Africa and fans across the globe get set to watch the finals, last month surely has been an unforgettable experience for all of us. For now fans look forward to doing ‘waka waka’ one last time with Shakira who is closing the ceremony and the world awaits to congratulate the new world soccer champions………………

Monday, July 5, 2010


On 5th July Bharat bandh was the most popular topic on twitter. Very rarely do we see an Indian trending on twitter. This time bharat is trending for probably the most wrong reason possible. With someone from France asking “Bharat Bandh wats dat??” Well in India it’s a holiday where you can sit back home and enjoy a movie. Our politicians give us so many reasons to be proud of…indeed!!

Bandhs are way of protest against some issue or policy. But in India sadly, calling for a bandh has become a status issue for political parties. Though 5th july bandh was called by an united opposition in protest against the price hike by the government but sadly at the end of the day India suffered a 5000 crore loss. And the hooliganism which we saw on streets across the country was unacceptable. With shops being shut down and stones being pelted by party workers on people on road. Road, rail and air all kind of traffic was affected. The country came to a halt. By evening, political parties claimed complete success. Brinda karat of left, Vasundhra Raje(BJP), Udhav thackery(SS he is seen only on such occasions) proudly claimed the bandh is hugely successful as if India has won an Oscar. How do you measure if a bandh is successful or not?? In India the success of a Bandh is determined by the number of buses vandalized and burnt by the time the Bandh expires. So Shiv Sena, MNS and SP which are in news always for the wrong reason will try and work very hard on these days. Example- 78 buses were damaged by Sena in Mumbai.

Bandhs are declared only in India. There are 365 days in a year and India can afford to have at least 365 political parties who can call for a bandh on each day. When terrorists struck and brought down the twin towers of the World Trade Centre, immediately relief measures had started in US. If you go by what is done in India in such a situation, apparently Bush should have called a “US bandh or a New York bandh to express the spontaneous feelings of the citizens.”

I don’t understand how this public display of caring for the common man by the opposition is going to reduce the price of my dal and chawal? Is this one day of disruption of public life going to reduce the price of petrol tomorrow? The opposition argued that this was the only way that they could get the government take notice of the concern of the aam aaadmi? Ok so now let’s see what the government is going to do in the next few days? Nothing is gonna happen. Tomorrow all will be normal. Parties will continue blaming each other and play politics and when after two months government hike’s prices yet again we all will be gifted with yet another holiday. I heard a parent whose kids school was closed due to bandh say “Various kinds of bandh need to be included in the holiday list of school calendar so that we can plan our holidays better”. Ya not a bad idea!!

Lets please use some other productive and fruitful way of protesting. Bringing the country to a standstill, wreckage and vandalism is certainly not a way to protest...........

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Father, dad, papa or pa use anything but the one word which every child would describe their father as is “FAVORITE”. Every child proudly says “My dad is the best in the world”. On the occasion of father’s day this article is just a small way of honoring my dad and all other wonderful father’s in this world.

A father is one who has his child’s photo in his wallet where earlier he used to have his credit card. Its difficult for me to describe my dad in word’s because there is so much to write on him. My dad for me is the world. He cared for me when I was born, when I was in school and will do so when I get into college and even after that. He never looked at my report card for he knows that his daughter is the best. He will not listen to anyone (including mom) because he believes that “Angana is the finest”. He always gave me the courage to fight circumstances and always taught me to try and spread smiles in my surroundings. He is the one who repeatedly told me to work hard for being successful. From childhood to passing out from school, times changed; probably even I changed with time but papa remained the same, the same dad who used to take me to Nehru Park when I was 2 and the one who used to take out time to play badminton with me just before going to office. Today only my likings have changed. Now he says “wow” when I show him the latest article that I have written and he is the one who will try and come back from office soon so that he can take me to G.K.-1 to buy me a roll or to Teksons to buy me the latest book. He is the one who will cancel all his meetings and book advance tickets for Shahrukh Khan's new release for he wants to see a smile on my face. He is the one who flew down from Delhi to Guwahati for I wanted to watch “Om Shanti Om” with him and the one who completed my desire of visiting Mannat. He always wants to gift me the best in life. So when I ask him for a Nokia he retorts by saying “y? Take an apple iphone na!!” for when i say papa COMPAQ is fine and he says "no no take DEL or APPLE, that's better"

Ruth E. Renkel once said “Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance”. Very true every child’s feeling towards his/her dad are based on the amount of love that father’s shower on us. Father’s are ones who just know how to put together everything. The most important thing in one’s childhood is father’s protection.

We love our dad unconditionally not because he gifts us the best but because he is there whenever we are in need of him…..


LOVE YOU.............

Saturday, June 12, 2010

HOW BAD IS 80%??

While walking down the Delhi University campus for admission the thought of what my future holds for me continues to strike my mind. Is my life limited 2 just the 85% that I scored? May 21st morning I woke up to be shocked by marks which were way below my expectations. That was the saddest Friday of my life (as I have always considered Fridays lucky for me) but next morning was even worse when I read the TOI and HT first page which screamed loud that DU cut-offs likely to rise this year(it was Saturday…that anyway is unlucky for me). And I was like some colleges closed at 97% last year…how much will they increase this year???

Two years of hard work and students who have scored 90% will get into a good college but what about those who just fell short of it by few per cent? How bad is 80%? Bad because people console you by saying “80% is good enough for class XII” and irritating because you will go mad rushing from college to college checking your name in the cut off lists. You feel awful that “I can’t get through country’s best college just because I feel short by few %” Is it a crime you have committed by scoring 80%? Why is it that we study only for marks? The person who has got 80 is unhappy because he didn’t get a 85, one with 85 is upset of not entering the elite 90 club and the most shocking at times you wonder (what is he or she saying) “I got a 97…how is it possible…maine toh pura paper kiya tha…I expected a 100 yaar”.

Our dreams are only made of marks. Sometimes I wonder what all or what not we have studied in our school life? After all we have studied about Akbar, European colonialism and magnetism and periodic table all together till class 10. And when you reach class 11 where you are reminded in class “beta aapne science li hain, baaki sab chod do toh behtar hoga” (baaki sab includes everything other than studying). Your parents remind you that you are supposed to crack IIT and do your family proud. And students in arts and commerce are reminded about the cut-offs that the DU colleges closed their admissions in last session. And you in your classes take your pen completely apart and put it back together when bored.

Why is it that if you fall short of 5 marks of scoring 100 you are rejected by the country’s best college? By any chance if you had not known a 5 mark question in your board paper, does that make you less intelligent than one’s who knew it? Lack of seats in universities, reservations and peer pressure all are responsible for student life going waste. No wonder this peer pressure leads to students committing suicides and the increase in number of counselors in India. How can somebody be judged on what he or she will do in life with his class 12 marks? Jitesh Pillaai(editor of filmfare) had tweeted “news papers and channels should go and interview these 90 per centers after 12 years and see where they are”?

I really wish students had enjoyed studying for themselves and not for their parents, relatives and neighbors. Wish that every career and stream is granted equal respect. Wish people start realizing there’s life beyond being a doctor and engineer. It is high time that people realize education is way beyond marks on your report card. We need “An education which makes a child sad when the last bell is rung at the end of the day in the school”...........

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Last week we witnessed the quite expected media hype of Indian cricket team’s debacle at T-20 world cup, Jairam Singh’s attack on Indian home ministry in Beijing and Ambani brothers fighting over gas price. And as usual women’s cricket team, hockey team’s performance at Azlan Shah and chess glory (courtesy Viswanathan Anand) was not given the deserved limelight. Amidst all this one story which really made me smile was Bill Gates visit to India. Headlines which were splashed across news papers with captions “Bill Gates in Bihar, Amethi”, “Bill Gates to aid Bihar projects”, “Gates checks up polio eradication” caught my eye.

But unlike what I thought that he would meet the Ambanis, Birlas and top notch Indian personalities he was spotted touring in rural Indian villages with Rahul Gandhi playing guide and interpreter both. “What about caste? Is it not possible that people from influential castes might be polio immunization among children and mothers of their own caste groups?” the Microsoft founder asked the officials accompanying him a tribal village in Bihar(God knows who can eradicate Caste division in our country, try Gates if you can!!). Gates who is used to travelling continents in his private jet took a boat ride. Bill gates visited the rural India which we refuse to accept, which is indeed truth and the India which is overlooked.

He wants his company Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to tie up with Rajiv Gandhi charitable trust. Really hope that happens. Both Rahul and Gates showed no discomfort even though most rooms did not have fans and electricity or cooling systems in Amethi. Rahul Gandhi is now synonyms with rural India and his idea of change is well known. Who can forget his extensive campaign during Lok Sabha elections last year? But we saw Bill Gates in places where our businessman rarely have time to go or for that matter even our politicians(they don’t have time because they are busy fighting within their own party). His visit to Amethi and Bihar is worth applauding.

He asked few kids there “why there is no power?”. Well that’s one question which Rahul Gandhi can only answer. He asked young kids “to read English and learn computers”. Well I really hope his desire comes true and every Indian becomes educated. So what brought Gates in this 43-degree heat to rural India? Gates being the individual he is replied “The beauty of the land and the serenity of the rivers, it is a wonderful feeling. I feel very good. You can notice it.” Well beauty and exquisiteness of India and Indians is something that attracts everybody across the globe. Here’s hoping Indians continue to promote the beauty of our country so that it truly becomes a developed nation, a nation which is sought after……

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I woke up on May 3rd morning to read in newspaper that a 11 year old is demanding that Kasab should be hanged and that she isn’t scared of him. Afternoon and all day long news channels flashed "26/11 Kasab found guilty" (Who had a doubt on that?). I sat back and wondered whether to rejoice over the fact that Ajmal Aamir Kasab arguably India’s biggest enemy is found guilty and culpable or just feel sorry that we had to witness this day of trial. I don't think the feeling of losing hundreds on 26 November, 2008 has sunk in yet. Ever since 26/11 I have written articles on terror as that became the obvious 10 mark question in an English paper. But how and what do you write on terror and why do we need to write on such a topic? I still remember the night I sat in front of my television set and saw the relentless reporting of TAJ rescue operation which lasted for 3 days. Terror had captualised us. Since then every time I saw Kasab wielding a gun in CCTV footage on channels, I was angry and furious. We had seen incidents of terror before in our country, but 26/11 left us traumatized and shattered. How can this happen to us?? Why the hell did this happen? We had so many questions to ask but there was no one to answer our queries.
Every other day we have headlines that scream out loud "87 killed and 100 injured, XYZ held for planting a bomb”. Floods, earthquakes and tsunami does leaves us in ache that so many innocent lives are lost but terror attacks which are man-made leaves us shattered and wondering how the hell can somebody do this?? As we enter a new era of 2010, developing nations are trying hard to become developed nations and the developed ones are trying hard to attain new heights. Is this possible when terrorism has emerged as a global threat?? Global I say as there were threats issued by US and UK that Delhi is going to be attacked and their security agencies ended up finding a bomb in Times Square. Whether it’s the eastern part of the world or the western, every country is at danger. Everyone everywhere is unsafe. We are living in a world which is full of insecurities and fear.
The usual excuse that we hear from a terrorist when he is caught is-"we were trained to use guns from a young age”, “trainers asked us to preach jihad". So what?? You go and kill innocent people. Don’t you have any brain of your own to decide what to do?? It has been said many times that terror has got nothing to do with religion - a undoubtedly true statement. Which religion on earth teaches us violence, terror and bloodshed?? Bhagvad Gita or Quran or Bible or what?? Terrorism is a religion in its own and religion can’t be used as an excuse. It’s disgusting and unacceptable that people can kill somebody's brother, mother, son and daughter. It’s an unbelievable act of cowardice.

May be P.Chidamabram (home minister) is right in saying "Kasab's verdict vindicates India" but is it enough to sentence Kasab? Will his death pacify and appease us? India wants justice. Wounds are wet and will remain so in a long time to come. 26/11 (or for that matter any such awful and horrific terror attack) is a loss which we can never forget. We have had enough of this nonsensical act by few. The utmost important factor for development in general is peace and brotherhood and the utmost dangerous threat to this is undoubtedly terrorism. It is high time we come together and as the 11 year old victim of 26/11 say not fear anything. We might not have the power to tackle this large issue but we can at least try on our part to spread peace and serenity in our miniature ways in order to make this world a better place to live in........

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Watching television was once leisure time for families. Family members used to sit for dinner and either watch 9'o clock news or house wives fought to switch over to Ekta Kapoor’s daily soaps which probably became the most popular TV series that our country has seen. Every housewife who had no other work was hooked to these telly soaps as they found a friend, a saas, nanad and a perfect bahu to identify with. All these ended last year when we had a new entertainment channel colors which came up with a brand new series of serials(which lead to the end of K series) Balika Vadhu, Uttaran and Laado all of which became popular.

But the real shift was reality TV. Welcome to the world of reality shows. Reality TV before 3 years was not known in our country. It is the place where the reality meets fiction. Reality shows made a big entry into the lives of the ordinary people since it helped them to get rid off the clutches of the monotonous soap serials. Strange that within such a short time we have seen reality shows of all kind. Reality shows are either in the form of talent hunts (like singing, dancing, acting etc), game shows, celebrity shows, makeover shows or confessions. Reality shows give a good platform or an opening to the talented ones. But very soon everyone realized that it was ten minute fame and a permanent success for very few who are really talented. India’s first reality music show was Indian Idol. Now the show is back with its fifth season. Who remembers contestants of earlier seasons?? Barring few whom the public is familiar with, courtesy their reappearances on television screens in various shows. We have had a swayamvar (have never really got who the contestants are??) and a next season of swayamvar. When we thought we can’t have anymore we had a series of unbelievable reality shows Iss jungle se mujhe bachao, pati, patni aur woh and sach ka saamna which led to parliamentary debates and people commting suicides. We have seen it all. But the question is how much real are these reality shows? Idiot Box was the name given to TV. Wonder what will be the new name??Not to forget that we have filmstars on TV now. After Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan hosted KBC we had every other actor and actress (many who have no work in films anymore) on out TV screens. For film promotions or self promotions we have everybody who is anybody on television. There is a whole new breed of stars who are now known as reality TV stars which includes Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan. Even news channels have seen a shift(though they still report news). The breaking news phenomenon in our Indian news channels has gripped the country. We want fresh news everytime we are infront of TV. We are bored of repeat of the same news and are constantly looking for new stories. Be it the live reporting of the 26/11 Taj rescue operation or the Sania-Shoaib saga or the IPL scam. Its been a year of breaking news. Now the question is there a need of break on news??

How important is TV for us?? We can’t live a single day without it I guess. Anything that strikes the emotional chord is an instant hit in our country. So what are we going to see next on TV??(just hope we do not have a reality show where people die for money, after all UK has seen Jade Goody’s death on TV ). We need something fresh, new and productive as well?? Till then we can sit back and enjoy what ever changing and varying shows that the television channels have to offer...........

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Shah Rukh Khan often says “I work very hard, if I get it right great. If I don’t, I try and work harder”. His mantra has been "TINA- there is no alternative to hard work". In the past 3 years we have seen, felt and experienced Shah Rukh’s strong will power and hard work that he is put to build his IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders.

When in 2008 he bought KKR people bursted with joy that their favorite actor also has a cricket team. Soon KKR was all over the place. Shah Rukh did his best in establishing the team and it became a huge brand. Unfortunately KKR couldn’t break into 2008 semis. All we fans thought there’s always a next time. Then in the next season everyone was high on hope. But nothing worked and KKR once again crashed out. This year too KKR could not reach the semis. Three years is enough for somebody to get completely tired and exhausted. And then all along there were detractors. People said SRK should go back to films, why is he wasting time, he is selling the team (despite srk clarifying million times that he’s not selling KKR) and many criticized him. There were times when we fans were frustrated as well. People had so many opinions to provide-"why aren’t the players playing well, this player should be given a chance, he shouldn't play, why isn’t the team winning??"

In these 3 years one man who all through remained positive, full of determination and grit was Shah Rukh Khan. He never lost hope and kept on trying hard to make KKR do well for us die-hard fans. I have always believed and I am sure all agree with me he is the most inspirational and motivating team owner a team can have. People are amazed by his level of patience and tolerance. We have seen so many different avatars of Shahrukh but truly with KKR we have learnt trying till the end, never giving up hope. If you read his tweets or for that matter just watch living with a superstar you will very well realize how sad and disappointed he feels when his team losses. But his willpower and perseverance is inimitable. As Karan Johar tweeted “SRK is a truly motivating and inspiring team owner. More power to him”. Shahrukh has always said that he wants young kids to get inspired by KKR. I must say on behalf of all KKR and SRK fans-“if not by KKR on field we are indeed inspired by your passion, positivity, vision, patience and abundant foresight”. Hats off to SRK.

Shah Rukh often says "If you hate losing will surely win", " you never leave hope for the ones you KKR will be back inshallah.", "I am just hurt a little not yet slain…lay me down to bleed a bit...I will rise again", "people who don't know perseverance and passion make me who I am". Whatever circumstances ever come one thing is for sure Shah Rukh Khan will be back next year and the next year and the year after and so on..... This blog can't end here. I hope and wish that KKR will win in the future so that I can complete this blog of mine.........

Sunday, April 18, 2010


As much as i try to move away from the tharoor-modi controversy (thats what it is referred to in the media) i cannot. Is it simply because i have nothing better to follow or there is something more to it? the thing is our news channel either report on politics, cricket or films. Now when all three are invoved(ipl is cricketainment!) you will definitely have breaking news from morning to night on what Lalit Modi said to which what Tharoor replied to which what BJP has to comment with Sunanda Pushkar making a slight guest appearance by telling all of us very clearly that she isn't a proxy and that we sholud respect her as a professional. Not to forget the news papers from the front page to the last is fillled with IPL news. Front page has the ongoing battle off the field, politics page is filled with the opposition parties demanding Shahshi Tharoor's resignation, business page has IPL brand value and I-T departments investigations and ya lastly the sports section reporting the actual matches which seem to have been lost somewhere. Amidst all this it is indeed difficult for you to not sit and take notice of the ongoing war off the cricket field.
We have had everything in this (allegations, counter allegations, a mystery women, political parties, very famous adjournment of RS and LS, income tax department my god what is left perhaps Shiv Sena and MNS-we haven't heard from them yet). Amidst all this its the poor cricket lover who just can't undersatnd sitting infront of his tv sets what is going on. As he doesnt have the money or power for his voice to be heard. He is just used to enjoying the game.Can the politicians leave aside anything in the country? We love ipl, cricket, this one month of glamour and masti. We for god sake do not want politics overtaking the brand IPL which we cricket lovers have created over the past 3 years. How does cricket benefit(thats what ipl is supposed to be) from Sunanda Pushkar's relation with Shashi Tharoor or Tharoor's resignation or Lalit Modi's past record in U.S.A.
In this week long battle which seems to be never ending media has left out news which needed much more attention like Saina Nehwal breaking into semis, volcano eruption in Europe, cyclone which killed hundreds in west bengal, despite efforts of our scientists the-GSLV failed mission and many more which i am not aware of.
This entire week long Modi-Tharoor battle has once again tested our patience and endurance after the much hyped and irritating Shoaib-Sania saga. All I wish for is our favourite game to be back and cricket to be pure, clean and exciting as it has always been........


hi everyone......
Have just created my own blog. It feels great and nice to share my thoughts which i usually pen down. There is so much happening around you that you are bound to have your own views and suggestions on diverse issues. Through blogs i wish to reach a lot more people and share my feeling and opinions on various topics......
This as some say will improve my writing skills, help me in developing a better sense of understanding, help me ahead in my career. But unlike all of the above i feel it will just help me put my thoughts across......